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Time Crawlers

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Demons of Time

The price of vengeance has to be paid in sweat, blood and the loss of loved ones.

The year was 3077 BC when Tej was a helpless kid. He and his mother were tortured and almost killed by Kumbh, a time-demon. Twenty years later Tej’s scars have healed but those memories are still as fresh as yesterday. The fire of revenge burns inside him, unabated.

Rigu, a renowned sage, and a time-reader had rescued Tej from Kumbh’s talons twenty years ago and sent him to a secure, peaceful abode. Rigu now visits Tej and tells him that Kumbh has escaped the time-prison. Aided by advanced technology Kumbh is planning to execute an unprecedented mass-murder in the future. Billions of lives are at stake. Tej has a chance to time travel five thousand years in the future to 2024 AD, capture Kumbh and bring him back. But he has only seven days after which Kumbh will be invincible.

While Tej yearns for his vengeance, Rigu seeks to prevent this imminent apocalypse. Will Tej exact his revenge or will Kumbh prevail once again? The clock is ticking.

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