Are you on GoodReads?

I am very active on good reads. Reading books, writing reviews, interacting with readers for my books.

Author Interviews

I have had a pleasure to be interviewed by some of the Top Book Bloggers and avid book readers.

Time Crawlers

My debut work is available on Kindle. Please click the button below to do a quick sample read. I'm sure you'll enjoy the stories.

Science Fiction Books, Stay Tuned

I am planning to write multiple books on Science Fiction with Time Travel as a major theme and Alien Contact, Artificial Intelligence, Ancient Mythology, Urban Legends as sub-elements. Stay tuned for more on this website. Please move over to the blog to read on what I am thinking about these days.

Some Honest Book Reviews

My Recent book "Time Crawlers" is gaining a lot of rave reviews on Goodreads, want to know what my readers are saying about it? Click this button to go to GoodReads.