Are we living inside a video game?

Many theories now point towards the fact that we may very well be living inside a video game. That is we are just characters inside a very powerful near-real simulation. Our bodies are pre-designed avatars in this game and our actual bodies are outside this game. When we enter coins in the game, we are born, and when our credit is over, we die. Some choose to role-play through rich and famous avatars, some choose to be poor and tortured ones.

Following are some arguments in favor of this theory:
1. Do we have goals like a video game has goals
Our lives have goals, given to us by society, study, earn, get married, have kids … are these the main goals? No these are side-goals, I believe the main goal is to stay alive. If you do not achieve this goal then “Game Over”. Which is why we all have survival instincts, which are the sharpest instincts we have. Because the gamer playing us knows that if she fails this main goal then all her game credits will go to waste.

2. A video game has stages where we need to keep progressing, what about that?
Our lives have stages, childhood, adulthood, old age.

3. Why are some people born rich and some so destitute in this world?
It is the function of what do you desire to be in the game and how much game credits do you have. I believe some gamers have very weird desires to experience life so they in-fact choose animal avatars.

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4. Why some live so long, why some die so early?
Again a function of how many game-credits will allow you to continue living for 100 years and how many will allow you only a few days, hours or minutes of life. Although around 100 years seems to be the max allowed in this game for human avatars.

5. Do we have game simulation failures?
Yes, there are, controversial mass experiences such as the Mandela effect, déjà vu experience all are bugs in the game, which at times prevent us from experiencing a game according to its own laws.

6. Games usually have hackers who do not play by the rules and introduce cheats, who are the hackers here?
Supernatural phenomena such as ghosts are the hackers, who do get a normal avatar when they enter the game but then decide to take game rules for a ride by apply cheats to do stuff which the game would not allow a normal avatar to do.

7. At times gamers get a new life by putting in fresh game credits, how’s that happening here?
The concept of re-birth is fairly similar to getting fresh game credits, where you lived a life earlier and now you put in fresh game coins and got a new avatar

8. When will this over game simulation called universe end?
Very difficult to say that, even after the life is virtually destroyed on our planet owing to global warming or asteroid collisions, there would be gamers who would be in bacteria avatars, virtually indestructible

9. Who are the actual gamers, if we are just avatars?
Actual gamers are what we call as souls. Which is why it is often said in mythology that souls leave one body and enter another.

Connections to mythology and religion
– The world is just a myth, an imagination, Maya
– Souls leave one body and enter another, i.e. souls are the actual gamers, who take different avatars
– Many of us at times feel that life is meaningless. This feeling comes to us randomly at times, or just after we have accomplished a major goal … because somewhere deep down, we know it’s just a game, with no actual consequences

The next question then: Is God a very smart computer programmer?

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